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  • Tuesday 23 Apr 2024
प्लास्टिक सर्जरी

Cosmetic and reconstructive surgery

Plastic surgery can be broadly categorised as either reconstructive or cosmetic surgery, depending on whether it is done primarily to restore function or to change physical appearance.

Reconstructive surgery is a medically indicated treatment used to improve dysfunctional body parts. While it may also change the individual’s appearance, it is instituted primarily to restore function. For example, it can be used to remove webbing from a finger, or reattach limbs severed through trauma.

Cosmetic surgery is initiated by an individual who wants to change the physical appearance of a feature. Although in many cases their physical appearance is normal, they may wish to change the size of their breasts or the shape of their nose. An individual may also use cosmetic surgery to change disfigured body parts and give them a smoother appearance (e.g. scar removal).


  1. OPD Services (Tue/Fri)
  2. Inpatient and operation available(Mon/ Wed) through Trauma Center due to unavailability of our ward + OT in Bir
  3. All ER (Plastic related) available 24x7 hrs through Trauma Center
  4. Notable Services

  •  Hand Replantation
  •  Microvascular Free Flap
  •  Various Cosmetic Surgery
  •  Burn Surgery (Acid Burn/ Burn Reconstruction)
  •  Reconstructive Surgery (Trauma related)
  •  Skin and soft tissue cancer, surgery
(All above surgical procedure done in Trauma center as our ward and OT are not available in Bir Hospital)

भर्खरको अपडेट:

अस्पतालको फार्मेसीबाट बिक्री/वितरणका लागि खरिद ‌गरिने औषधि तथा सुर्जिकल समर्ग्रीहरुको संशोधित सूचना Pre-Bid Meeting मा उपस्थित हुनेबारे उम्मेदवार सिफारिस सम्बन्धि सूचना करार सेवामा कर्मचारी लिने सम्बन्धि मेडिकल अफिसर उमेदवार सिफारिस गरिएको सूचना जिम्मेवारी तोकिएको सम्बन्धमा संशोधित परिक्षा कार्यक्रम प्रकाशन गरिएको सूचना परिक्षा कार्यक्रम प्रकाशन गरिएको सूचना !! मेडिकल अधिकृत, स्टाफ नर्स करार सेवामा कर्मचारी लिने सम्बन्धि सूचना !! पुराना मेशिन, उपकरण, फर्निचर लगायत अन्य सामान लिलाम बिक्रीको लागि बोलपत्र आब्हानको सूचना